PopXport – The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 10.09.2016
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PopXport – The German Music Magazine

Edgy, loud – and very successful. Jennifer Rostock are back. Also: “Nature Pop” from the Berlin duo Fahrenhaidt. Plus: new videos from medieval folk-rockers Schandmaul, and the electro-pop band Nod One’s Head.

In this edition:

Jennifer Rostock rock on

Jennifer Rostock rock out at small clubs AND at big music festivals. Their mix of punk, alternative rock and electro has won them all kinds of fans. And now, they’ve just released their fifth album.

Fahrenhaidt – Nature Pop from Berlin

Fahrenhaidt calls their music "Nature Pop" – a mix of urban electro-beats and new-age sounds. Their new album “Home Under the Sky” features German-American soul singer Cassandra Steen.

HIT: Beginner – Es war einmal

With their comeback album "Advanced Chemistry,“ Eizi Eiz, Denyo, and DJ Mad are back at the top of the German album charts for the first time in 13 years. The single “Es war einmal” reviews the band’s 25-year history.

TIP: Nod One’s Head – I’m Mad

Everything from electro-pop to head-bangin‘. It’s “Nod One’s Head” – with lead vocalist Charlotte Bühler, aka “Charlott Boss.” Now, Charlotte has struck out on her own as a solo act. And she’s still got the touch, as you can hear on her single “I’m Mad.”

TIP: Schandmaul feat. Tarja – Zu zweit allein

Schandmaul blends medieval music and rock – and they’ve had a lot of success with that format. The six-man band from Bavaria has just put out their ninth album, called “Leuchtfeuer.” A single from the album, “Zu Zweit Allein,” features Finnish vocalist Tarja – singing in German, of course.

Classic: C.C. Catch – Strangers by Night (1986)

Caroline Catharina Müller aka C.C. Catch is best known for her 1980s disco-pop, produced by Dieter Bohlen. “Strangers by Night” was a European chart hit in 1986.