PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 17.06.2016
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

Metal from Germany that's red hot in Japan: We present the new album from Rage. Also on the show: Star DJ Mladen Solomun bares his soul and pop band Die Prinzen celebrate their 25th anniversary.

In this edition:

Rage - Non-stop headbanging

Rage, a trio from the Ruhr, has thrilled heavy metal fans since the 1980s. They're even big in Japan. Frontman Peavy Wagner has gathered new members and thrashed out their 22nd studio album: "The Devil Strikes Again".

Mladen Solomun - the German star DJ

Mladen Solomun can walk around Hamburg almost unnoticed. But in the international club scene, DJ Solomun is a star. Born in Bosnia and raised in Germany, the jet-setter makes 130 appearances around the globe each year.

Sebastian Krumbiegel - A Prince Turns 50

Comprised mainly of former St. Thomas Choir boys, pop group Die Prinzen formed in Leipzig 25 years ago. Frontman Sebastian Krumbiegel turned 50 this month and takes a look back during the band's anniversary tour.

HIT: Max Giesinger - 80 Millionen (EM Version)

Max Giesinger's new version of his hit "80 Millionen", recorded specially for the Euro 2016 soccer championships, has scored big with listeners. The singer transformed his love song into an anthem for the German team.

TIP: Culcha Candela - "Wann dann?!?"

Culcha Candela have gone out on a limb and founded their own label. With their first self-produced single, the multicultural dancehall troupe does what they do best: put people in a party mood.

CLASSIC: No Angels - "Daylight in Your Eyes" (2001)

No Angels were the first German band to be formed on a TV talent show. They went on to become continental Europe's most successful girlband of the 2000s. Even their debut single went straight to the top of the charts.

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