PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 29.01.2016
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

Avantasia wants to win the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals with a heavy metal number. We meet front man Tobias Sammet. Plus: German DJ Ralf Gum, and a portrait of the singer Elif.

This week:

Avantasia - Heavy metal for Europe

Avantasia's taking a heavy metal song from its new album to the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals.

Melting Pop: Berlin's Elif

German-Turkish singer Elif delights fans with her take on pop.

Ralf Gum - A star DJ in South Africa

With jam-packed dance floors and a number-one hit, German DJ Ralf Gum is a star in South Africa.

HIT Clip: Sarah Connor - Bedingungslos

“Muttersprache” is pop singer Sarah Connor's first album in her native German. It's held the German top ten for a good nine months and gone platinum twice. “Bedingungslos” is the latest single from the album.

TIP Clip: Get Well Soon - It’s a Catalogue

Multi-talented Konstantin Gropper's Get Well Soon project is all about extravagantly arranged pop music. It's a huge success in France. The video for the new single has to do with a mysterious murder.

Classic Clip: Scorpions - Wind of Change (1991)

It's been 25 years since the Scorpions put out their single “Wind of Change”. The rock ballad eulogizing the Soviet Union's perestroika era sold over nine million copies, making it one of the biggest-selling German hits of all time.