PopXport Special - Tokio Hotel | Music | DW | 07.07.2017
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PopXport Special - Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel is one of the most successful German bands of the new millenium. We'll tell you about their new album, meet the band on tour, talk to them about their fans, and play videos of their biggest hits.

Tokio Hotel is back with a new album: "Dream Machine"

A few weeks ago, Tokio Hotel released their fifth album, called "Dream Machine." We'll talk to the Kaulitz twins, Bill and Tim, and the rest of the band, about how they deal with the pressures of success.


Backstage: on tour with Tokio Hotel

In 2015, Tokio Hotel toured smaller venues around the world - to get close to their fans. The "DreamMachine" tour will be a little different. We'll be backstage with the band at a gig in Hamburg. 


The inside story on how Tokio Hotel deals with stalkers

Tokio Hotel has sold more than seven million records worldwide. Their fans call themselves "aliens." Some have followed the band since the first single in 2005. But how does the band deal with stalkers?


Tokio Hotel: a no-holds-barred interview

Whether the topic is nude photos, tattoos, or child-care -- you asked the questions, and Tokio Hotel has the answers. 



Tokio Hotel: Billy's solo EP

Tokio Hotel lead singer Bill Kaulitz put out a solo EP in 2016. Bill tells PopXport how he found time to do the EP - while the band was touring and working on a new album.


HIT-Clip: Tokio Hotel - "Durch den Monsun" (2005)

The Kaulitz twins were just 15 years old when Tokio Hotel released their first single. They weren't happy about doing a music video to promote it -- especially since they had to play outside in torrents of artificial rain. But the hard work was worth it: the single zoomed to the top of the German charts, and helped to launch the band's international career. 


HIT-Clip: Tokio Hotel - Übers Ende der Welt (2007)

In 2007, Tokio Hotel released a single from their upcoming second album, "Zimmer 483."  "Übers Ende der Welt" became the band's fourth No.1 in Germany. And there was a prize-winning video to go with it, inspired by the German silent classic "Metropolis," and a famous Apple advert. 


HIT-Clip: Tokio Hotel - Love Who Loves You Back (2014)

On the first single from their comeback album, Tokio Hotel surprised fans and critics alike with disco pop, instead of rock. Some thought the orgy scene in the video was a bit much. The track's title was in English: “Love Who Loves You Back.” The record made it onto the charts in seven countries, including Russia, France and Argentina.