PopXport Special: Cascada | PopXport | DW | 18.08.2017
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PopXport Special: Cascada

Evacuate the dancefloor! Cascada, led by singer Natalie Horler, is one of Germany’s most successful music exports. Chart hits, touring, career dreams: we present the dance act and play their biggest hits.

Cascada: In portrait

More than 30 million recordings sold, a number-one hit in Britain: Cascada has reached a lot. From the dance trio’s beginnings to its mega-hits: PopXport traces the path of a global career.


Cascada: On set

Cascada’s songs get everyone dancing. And in their music videos, Natalie Horler often performs complicated choreographed dances. We accompany the Cascada singer on a video shoot in Toronto, Canada.


Cascada: On tour

Natalie Horler performs some 100 gigs a year, working hard to gain her fan following. PopXport accompanies the Cascada team on tour in the United States, Denmark and Germany.


HIT: Cascada – Evacuate the Dancefloor (2009)

“Evacuate the Dancefloor“ from 2009 is Cascada’s biggest hit to date. The track has sold more than four million copies, and has landed in the top ten in more than 20 countries. In Britain, Cascada even managed to unseat Michael Jackson from the number one spot.


HIT: Cascada – Summer of Love (2012)

The single "Summer of Love" is the only new track on Cascada’s best-of album "Back on the Dancefloor" from 2012. The song hit the charts across Europe. Cascada shot the video for the track on the Spanish island of Teneriffa.


HIT: Cascada – Playground (2017)

With "Playground," Cascada provided the official song for the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship in Cologne and Paris. Natalie Horler presented the song to thousands of fans live in Cologne ahead of the opening game. We’ll show you the video to the track.


CLASSIC: Cascada - Miracle (2004)

Cascada’s first single, “Miracle,” was released almost ten years ago, and it was an instant hit abroad. At home in Germany, it only made it to 32nd place in the charts, but it was a number one hit in France. And it reached the top ten in Britain. It was the start of a brilliant career.