PopXport Ranking - The Project | Music | DW | 10.06.2015
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PopXport Ranking - The Project

"PopXport Ranking" is a unique project – an analysis of the German pop scene's popularity abroad that is unprecedented in scope. 10 TV broadcasts will be highlighting the most successful musicians to hail from Germany.

Our PopXport Ranking series comprises 10 episodes presenting the pop and rock artists from Germany with the best international performance. The show is based on a survey conducted by Deutsche Welle to identify the chart positions of all German singles and albums to feature in the biggest music markets on the planet since 1970. In total the list extends to around 1,300 entries.

In each of the 10 episodes the PopXport Ranking will also include an additional section, ranging from e.g. "The 10 most successful German singles" to "The 10 most successful musicians of the 1980s" or "The 10 most successful rock bands from Germany". All tracks and artists will be presented in brief reports, although each act is only allowed to appear one time per show.