Police officer fires shots at airport in Texas | News | DW | 10.06.2016
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Police officer fires shots at airport in Texas

A man has been shot at an airport in the US state of Texas. Police said he approached an officer with a large rock in his hand.

A police officer on Friday shot a man at Dallas Love Field airport in Texas following a domestic dispute.

The man threw a large rock through a woman's car, and then approached a police officer, saying: "Shoot me, I dare you."

The officer told the man to "stand down." However, the man rushed the officer with a large rock in his hand, prompting the law enforcement agent to fire shots.

A Dallas police spokesman told local media that the officer will be placed on "routine, administrative leave" pending an investigation. The man who rushed the officer has been taken to the hospital, the spokesman added.

The incident prompted authorities to shut down the Dallas Love Field airport.

"There was an emergency shut down due to a shooting outside of Baggage Claim, but we have reopened. Safety first," the airport said in a statement on Twitter.

"US Transport Security Administration Security Checkpoint has reopened for all departing flights. If you have a flight now, expect three hours in line," the airport added.

ls/kms (AP, dpa, Reuters)