Polenta with Piora Cheese Gratiné | Lifestyle | DW | 27.08.2014

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Polenta with Piora Cheese Gratiné

A traditional Swiss delicacy

Recipe: Polenta with Piora Cheese Gratiné



(for 4 servings)


0.8 liter of water

1 tsp salt

200g cornmeal (if possible, 3 different grinds.)


200g piora cheese (also works with similar cheese varieties)



Stir 200g of cornmeal into 0.8 liters of boiling, salted water. Simmer for 3 hours, stirring every five minutes.

Scrape the polenta out of the bowl onto a dish, lay a thick slice (200g) of piora cheese on top and place in the oven for ten minutes.

Remove from the oven and serve immediately.

Bon appetit!

This recipe comes to us courtesy of chef Angelo Capella from the Al Grott Café in Ticino, Switzerland

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