Poland: Freedom for Atheists | European Journal | DW | 16.10.2013
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European Journal

Poland: Freedom for Atheists

In the fervently Roman Catholic country of Poland, a poster campaign defending atheism is attracting attention. In the past few years, increasing numbers of Roman Catholics have left the church, even though doing so means overcoming many bureaucratic hurdles.

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"Atheists are divine" is a slogan gracing some of the posters produced by the Religious Freedom Foundation. The Catholic Church is sharply critical of the campaign. The Church’s popularity in Poland is currently at a low point. Criticism of priests' opinions is increasing, fewer and fewer people go to services, and the number of candidates for the priesthood is decreasing. It is said that the church is refusing to reveal statistics on those leaving the church, in order not to expose itself in public. There was a time when up to 90 percent of all people in Poland were members of the Roman Catholic Church.