Planting a green revolution in Costa Rica | Global Ideas | DW | 23.12.2013
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Global Ideas

Planting a green revolution in Costa Rica

A father and son team are planting a green revolution in Costa Rica by restoring a part of the rainforest, creating a new habitat for animals and plants and providing a source of income for local farmers.

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Project goal: forest management with financial, social and ecological advantages for locals and investors
Project type: reforestation
Project size: around 2,500 hectares (of which around 1,000 hectares is reforested), more than 100 workers
Number of plant species: around 30 different species, especially endemic ones

The father and son duo, Leo and Stefan Pröstler, are working in Costa Rica to preserve some of the country's stunning and threatened biodiversity by planting mixed forests. Financed by investors around the world, the project focuses on planting endangered and forgotten tree species. The new forest is providing a habitat for various species of plants and animals as well as proving a source of income for local farmers. By planting ginger, for instance, between the trees, the farmers are helping to improve the soil and they can export the crop to Germany once it's harvested. For investors, the project is lucrative. But they'll only see returns once the trees are chopped, sold and planted anew.

A film by Ruth Krause

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