Pike With Dumplings | euromaxx à la carte | DW | 06.06.2012
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euromaxx à la carte

Pike With Dumplings

Pike With Dumplings


Simon Metzler fixes up a typical dish from the shores of Lake Constance. He's head chef at Bürgerbräu in Überlingen.

Lake Constance Pike Times Two

Pike quenelles (dumplings) and fillet sauted on its skin with vegetables, spätzle and white Burgundy sauce

Pike quenelles:

375 g skinless pike fillet

125 g cream

1 egg white

75g cubed crustless white bread

salt and pepper

Chop fish roughly and puree with egg white and bread. Make sure all ingredients are well chilled. Spoon into hot water and poach 10-12 mins.

Pike fillet:

Season about 100g pike fillet per serving with salt and pepper and sauté skin-side down.

Vegetable Dish:

500g seasonal vegetables, e.g. zucchini, peppers, leeks, kohlrabi, celeriac

40g butter

200ml vegetable stock

Clean and slice the vegetables. Then glaze in stock and butter until the stock is almost boiled off and the vegetables are cooked al dente.

Season with sea salt, pepper and sugar.


fish carcasses (all that's left after filleting)


250ml white burgundy

50g butter

100g whipped cream

300g root vegetables

juice of half a lemon

Prepare a fish stock from the carcasses by putting them in a pot and barely cover with water. Add root vegetables, season with salt and lemon juice and simmer for half an hour. Strain the stock, add butter and wine and reduce. Finally, bind with cream and serve.


5 eggs

250g flour

salt, nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and beat with a wooden spoon until the dough bubble. scrape strands into boiling water. When spätzle rise and float, skim off and run under cold water. Before serving, briefly sauté in some butter.

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Simon Metzler of the Bürgerbräu in Überlingen.

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