Peter Craven | Talking Germany | DW | 20.02.2012
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Talking Germany

Peter Craven

Peter Craven is one of Deutsche Welle main news presenters. A British-born political science graduate, he's been living in Germany for well over two decades.


Peter has reported on both soft and hard news stories from Germany, working mainly for DW - but also for a range of other international broadcasters. He's covered everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the state of German soccer. Peter has been fascinated to note the growth of interest in Germany the past few years. Until relatively recently, it was the German economy, German sport, and, of course, Germany's troubled history that were the focus of attention. Now, says Peter, people still want to hear about those themes - but also about Germany's new image as a hugely dynamic and diverse society. That's what Peter hopes to be able to bring to life in "talking germany."