Peru’s shared natural riches | Global Ideas | DW | 03.07.2012
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Global Ideas

Peru’s shared natural riches

Peru's indigenous people are working to sustainably manage shared resources like forests and lakes.

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Project type: Forest preservation
Project size: Protecting half a million hectares of rainforest land in the Amazons
(home to some 13,000 people)
Project volume: 3 million euros
CO2 reduction: 100 million tons

Forests, rivers and lakes are meant to be used by everyone. But do humans tend to use such common resources to the point of destruction? This week on Global Ideas, we head to Peru’s rainforest region. There, indigenous communities long showed little interest in forest preservation measures despite increasing illegal logging. But now, environmental experts are working with the local communities on sustainable land and forest management. Residents receive compensation in return for their efforts. They invest that money in local infrastructure or economic and social projects.

A film by Julia Henrichmann

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