Peru/Bolivia: Re-visto - Investigative Journalism Blog Enjoys Ongoing Success | Latin America | DW | 14.07.2010
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Latin America

Peru/Bolivia: Re-visto - Investigative Journalism Blog Enjoys Ongoing Success


Re-visto was awarded 10th place among the twenty most useful blogs in Latin America. The competition was organized by the renowned "Instituto para la Prensa y Sociedad", based in the Peruvian capital, Lima, in conjunction with the Peruvian weblog "" The shortlist includes blogs in which journalists provide particularly useful articles, guides and resources.

It all began with a DW Akademie workshop on investigative journalism: initially, the participants used the re-visto blog in conjunction with the workshop, to discuss the theory and practise of investigative journalism in Latin America.

07.09 DW-TV Akademie Regionen LA Bolivien bild 03

But re-visto outlived the workshop and developed into a platform for journalists and specialists. Not only does this extremely communicative blog provide important information, it facilitates networking and has a promising future. Journalists continue to publish and discuss their work here - because the Internet is not just a research tool for investigative journalists, it is also an important channel for passing on information around the world.

The journalists use re-visto to document their in-depth research into the issues, to highlight the responsible way in which they work in the public interest and to underline their perseverance and persistence in the face of all the obstacles in their way - especially on burning issues such as child labor, the illegal trade in second-hand clothing donated to charity, or the causes of lynch justice in Bolivia.

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