Personnel: A valued staff member retires | Traineeship | DW | 14.01.2013
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Personnel: A valued staff member retires

A DW Akademie era came to an end when Bernhard Graf von der Schulenburg, head of the journalism traineeship program, retired in December 2012.

He would have probably preferred to leave quietly but that was no option. For 13 years Bernhard Graf von der Schulenburg headed DW's journalism traineeship program and during this time some 300 up-and-coming journalists learned their trade. He was celebrated for his work at the DW Akademie trainers' symposium.

From the audience came words of gratitude, innovative gifts and tears, and Graf Schulenburg was clearly moved. "During the last few weeks I couldn't think or talk about the fact that I was leaving," he said. "I'm not someone who gets overly emotional," he admitted, "but this one's a challenge!"

It's not as if farewells didn't come with the territory: he'd had to say goodbye to countless journalism graduates over the years. "There's a saying: 'people exaggerate most come before they get married and after a hunt'," said Schulenburg. "I'd like to add: 'People exaggerate most at farewell parties.' But all I can say is that I simply did my job."

And that "job" was recognized with a special gift - a book written by the trainers and dedicated to him. "Kill Your Darlings", published by LTI Verlag, is a handbook for journalism traineeships. It pays tribute to the "Schulenburg System" and is an appeal for quality journalism training.

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