Paul the ′heartbreaker′ octopus favors Germany in World Cup consolation | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 09.07.2010
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Paul the 'heartbreaker' octopus favors Germany in World Cup consolation

Paul the psychic octopus has provided German fans with a bit of solace, picking Germany to win its third-place match against Uruguay. In the finals, Paul went with Spain, which he picked to beat Germany in the semis.

Paul the two-year-old Octopus oracle

It was all Germany for Paul on Friday

After breaking the hearts of German fans by prophesying Spain's victory over Germany in the semifinals, Paul has made an attempt at reconciliation by picking Germany to win Saturday's consolation match against Uruguay.

The octopus, who has become a World Cup sensation by correctly predicting all six Germany games, plumped for the scallop in the container bearing the German flag on Friday, without considering even for a second the food in the Uruguayan box.

German fans, however, stung by Paul's treachery, have yet to forgive him and would apparently prefer him as sushi. His aquarium in Oberhausen has received death-threat emails saying: "We want Paul for the pan."

After picking Germany, the two-year-old oracle then took a rest before predicting the result of the final between Spain and the Netherlands, opting for a red and yellow fiesta over the Dutch Oranje.

In response to the threats on Paul's life, meanwhile, Spanish Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian has called for the creature to be given an "immediate" free transfer to Spain to "ensure his protection."

Author: Gabriel Borrud (AP/Reuters)
Editor: Nancy Isenson

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