Part One: Life, Work and the Clinic | Life for my Child! | DW | 24.06.2010
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Life for my Child!

Part One: Life, Work and the Clinic

According to UNAIDS, there are over 36 million people infected with HIV worldwide. 26 million of those are in sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS has become a huge problem in African society.

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Helenais 29. She has never been to school and comes from a very poor family. She has known for four years that she is HIV positive. She was infected by her husband, who is the father of her two daughters. He died of AIDS. She is now pregnant by her new boyfriend. He too is HIV positive. She did not actually want to have another child.

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Célia is also 29 years old and expecting her second child. She lives on her own with her 3-year-old daughter Luisa. It was during her first pregnancy three years ago that she discovered she was HIV positive. The medication which she has been taking regularly since then has saved both her life and the life of her daughter. Now she is hoping for a second healthy child.

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