Paris Hilton′s Urge Brings Fame to Bavarian Farm | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 12.05.2006
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Paris Hilton's Urge Brings Fame to Bavarian Farm

It's usually a simple life for the folks in the rural Bavarian hamlet of Glonn. But an unexpected visit from a certain infamous socialite gave their town a dose of celebrity.

No hay-pitching required: When Hilton (left) has gotta go, she's gotta go

No hay-pitching required: When Hilton (left) has gotta go, she's gotta go

When nature calls, Paris Hilton answers -- even if she happens to be in a helicopter at the time.

On a recent publicity trip to the Tyrolean mountain town of Ischgl, Hilton -- an heiress to the Hilton hotel chain and party girl par excellence -- felt the urge to use a bathroom. Quickly.

In response, Germany's Bild newspaper said, the helicopter Hilton was riding in made an unscheduled stop at the farm of a certain George N. in the picturesque Upper Bavarian village of Glonn, population 4,000.

Toilettensitz mit Symbol

The question isn't how much will a famous toilet seat get, but rather, who would buy it?

It seems the person flying the chopper knew the folks and decided the unremarkable farmhouse was the most convenient place for her to spend one of her family's countless pennies in a pinch.

Despite the fact that she is arguably best known for her role in the private sex video "One Night in Paris" -- which was leaked onto the Internet by her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon -- in some instances Hilton apparently places great importance on privacy.

German news portal Spiegel Online reported that Hilton had the farm family banished from the house before visiting the little girls' room, and while she was there, she was guarded by two bodyguards. Afterward, she went out on the balcony and had a smoke, although she crouched down so no one could see her. The Web site did not record her impression of the bucolic alpine views.

The heiress gained international notoriety with a reality-television show called The Simple Life, which followed the tribulations of Hilton and another pampered society teen as they engaged in everyday tasks -- like farm work.

Now, one hardworking farm family might be able to turn the tables and use Hilton's celebrity status to improve their own financial standing. George N. and his son Josef say they plan to auction off the toilet seat Hilton used while she completed one of life's simpler tasks.

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