Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli officer | News | DW | 15.08.2015
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Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli officer

A Palestinian man has been shot dead by Israeli forces after stabbing a border policeman in the northern West Bank. Palestinian President Abbas has condemned the shooting as "grave escalation."

A police spokeswoman said a Palestinian approached officers conducting a routine security check in the West Bank and stabbed one in the back with a knife on Saturday. An officer nearby opened fire and killed the attacker.

Earlier on Saturday, another Palestinian was shot by Israeli troops after asking soldiers at a West Bank border crossing for a glass of water and then stabbing the man who turned to get it, according to the Israeli military. The attacker was taken to the hospital with a shoulder wound.

In both cases, the Israeli officers were lightly injured.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas identified the attacker who was killed on Saturday as 21-year old Rafiq Taj from Nablus, correcting earlier reports that he was a 16-year old named Ahmad Taj. Abbas condemned the "grave escalation" in the form of "daily killing with no end," and called on the international community not to remain silent.

His office said in a statement that the president held the Israeli government responsible for the young Palestinian's death.

The attacks occurred as Israelis and Palestinians follow the fate of a Palestinian hunger striker who is protesting against his detention without charge. Mohammed Allan slipped into unconsciousness on Friday and remained hospitalized in southern Israel.

Israel says the practice called administrative detention was a necessary tool to stop militant activity. Authorities said that Allan was being held for his activities in the group Islamic Jihad, which had carried out many violent attacks against civilians.

das/bw (AFP, AP, Reuters)

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