Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel end hunger strike | News | DW | 27.05.2017
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Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel end hunger strike

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have ended their 40-day hunger strike after reportedly reaching an agreement with Israeli officials. The inmates were demanding better conditions in the prison.

Palestinian and Israeli sources confirmed Saturday that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners ended their 40-day fast after authorities conceded to one of the prisoners' key demands that they should have two family visits a months instead of one.

Issa Qaraqi, head of the Prisoners' Commission, and Qaddoura Faris, in charge of the Prisoner's Club, told media the negotiations between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Red Cross had lasted for 20 hours.

The details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

The prisoners started the mass hunger strike on April 17 demanding better prison conditions, an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention without charge or trial, better treatment, easier access for visiting family members, and a commitment to keeping the prisoners in the West Bank, instead of Israel.

The deal came hours before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had taken up the issue with visiting US President Donald Trump earlier this week, urging him to convince Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to heed the prisoners' demands.

Hundreds of Palestinians have been jailed by Israel since the 1967 war. 

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Drinking salt water for Palestinian prisoners

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