Pacific Journalists covering COP23 | Climate Action needs Media Freedom | DW | 07.11.2017
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Climate Action needs Media Freedom

Pacific Journalists covering COP23

DW Akademie, in conjunction with UNFCCC, is bringing ten journalists from the Pacific region to Bonn to report from COP23.

Ten journalists from print, online, radio and TV receive sponsored participation in the conference and media training at DW Akademie. The program includes an e-forum to discuss climate change with experts.

During the conference from November 6th until November 17th, participants will report from COP23 for their home media. Trainers from DW Akademie provide feedback during each phase. Their articles will be featured on a dedicatedDW Akademie blog.

The ten participants were selected by a judging committee consisting of two members of the UNFCCC; two from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs' communications branch; and two independent judges representing the Fijian COP23 Presidency.

For the participants, reporting on climate change means: Raising awareness for the dangers people in the Pacific encounter - day by day. See what they have to say about the effects of climate change.

The project receives financial support from the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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