Pablo Foley Elias | DW News - latest news and breaking stories | DW | 27.05.2020

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DW News

Pablo Foley Elias

Irish-Spanish journalist based between Germany and Spain. Everybody has a story so don’t be afraid to ask. And most importantly, listen.

Born in:
Dublin, Ireland


English, Spanish, German, French and somewhere at the back of my brain are my Irish language skills.


Degrees/Journalistic experience:
-M.A. in Global and Comparative Politics from Queen Mary, University of London.

-B.A. International in German and Economics from University College Dublin.

-Erasmus at Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich


With DW since:


Favorite quote:
“Every age must have its own aisling and dream of a better, kinder, happier, shared world.” – Michael D. Higgins


My personal hero:
The people who get up everyday and put their life on the line for their job.


What do I strive to be as a journalist?
It’s always been very simple for me why I became a journalist: I want to help those who suffer injustices in our societies have a voice and share their stories. It’s that knowledge that leads to positive change.  


7 random facts about me

  • I’ve lived in 7 countries
  • I started my career working for Real Madrid TV in Madrid
  • Spanglish (a mixture of Spanish and English) is definitely the language I feel most comfortable speaking
  • I only got my driving licence when I was 34 after a couple of failed attempts
  • I’m at my happiest in hot weather on the beach/in the sea
  • I have a phobia of rats
  • If I hadn’t become a journalist, I would have tried to carve out a career in conflict resolution.