Outspoken Heidi Klum Doesn′t Let Critics Get Her Down | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 08.03.2009
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Outspoken Heidi Klum Doesn't Let Critics Get Her Down

Despite hefty criticism of her looks recently, Germany's down-to-earth media darling isn't apologizing to anyone. Instead, Heidi is still riding the wave of her success.

Heidi Klum

Klum proves she's still a head-turner, despite the criticism

Countless magazine covers, a hit television show, major modelling contracts and millions in the bank -- top model Heidi Klum is indisputably one of Germany's most illustrious women.

But international stardom hasn't always been without its drawbacks for the 34-year-old from Bergisch Gladbach. Recently she was bombarded with cutting remarks about her career and figure from fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and German designer Wolfgang Joop.

When asked if Klum would have a chance at winning on "Germany's Next Top Model," her own TV show in which aspiring models square off to be crowned the country's next big thing, Joop told German daily newspaper Bild, "No way. She's not a runway model. She's simply too fat and even her breasts are too big."

Heidi Klum walks the runway at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

You call this fat?

And Joop didn't stop there. He further criticized Klum in the tabloid magazine Bunte, saying the buxom blond had no place in the world of high fashion. "She's not a top model, but rather a commercial model. What model in high fashion has that permanent grin? But even without the grin, she still doesn't have a nice mouth."

Not cut out for haute couture?

German-born fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld also recently took a crack at Klum for her commercial aura, telling a magazine she doesn't exist to him. "And she doesn't exist in France," he added.

But regardless of Klum's countenance and her questionable existence in France, "Germany's Next Top Model" is a nationwide hit, scoring millions of viewers every week. And Klum's success isn't just limited to the small screen. She has also enjoyed a high-profile contract with US lingerie maker Victoria's Secret for years.

The wife of British pop singer Seal and mother of three, Klum has also proven her foreign language skills and international appeal by hosting another television show, "Project Runway," in the United States.

Heidi Klum and the winner of Germany's Next Top Model in 2007

Klum helps make other model's dream come true on her show

With a booming career and a happy private life, is Klum hurt by the criticism she's received here in her native Germany?

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion," she told Bunte magazine. "So am I."

The model also defended her figure, saying she is not the kind of person who diets.

"I was never a diet sort of person. But when I started to model, I knew already that I would have to watch what I ate and stop eating wiener schnitzel," she said.

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