Our viewers′ most beautiful travel videos | DW Travel | DW | 27.03.2019
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Travel video competition

Our viewers' most beautiful travel videos

They traveled to Mexico, Moscow or Myanmar, filmed while flying in a hot-air balloon or with a drone and sent us their video for Check-in's video contest. Our jury has now selected the most beautiful holiday videos.

The winner of the competition for the best travel video organized by DW's travel show Check-in is Miguel Angel Sotelo from Spain. With his wife and two children, he traveled on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railways from Russia's capital, Moscow, to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia in the summer of 2018, covering 6,500 kilometers in four weeks.

"The journey was an unforgettable experience that left an everlasting footprint in my memory. Recommended for anyone who is an adventurer in the heart," said Miguel about the trip.

Watch video 02:04

Trans-Siberian Railway

His video convinced our jury thanks to its mysterious imagery offering rare impressions of the people, all while revealing a vast and beautiful landscape. It's a film that will make you want to discover more about the longest railway line in the world, with a total length of 9,288 kilometers (5,772 miles).

The winners of the DW backpack and lens set

The three most beautiful travel films will be rewarded with a DW backpack along with a smartphone lens set and a selfie stick.

Wolf-Peter Steinheisser from Germany came in second, with his video of a hot-air balloon ride over the old royal city of Bagan in Myanmar.

Third is Yohanes Paulus Bisma from Singapore, who spent his holidays in Australia in winter 2018/19, where he captured the country's diverse landscapes and the New Year's Eve fireworks over Sydney from a new perspective with his drone.

Congratulations! We will also notify all winners personally.

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