Our guest on 5.12.2010 Brian Thomas, Journalist and Presenter at DW TV | guest list | DW | 17.12.2010
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guest list

Our guest on 5.12.2010 Brian Thomas, Journalist and Presenter at DW TV

Talking Germany presenter Peter Craven will be speaking to Brian Thomas about German citizenship, man's best friend and clubs and societies in Germany.


Brian Thomas is well know to viewers of DW-TV's English-language program, for which he has been a news anchor for many years. He regularly presents The Journal and has often hosted other current affairs programs too.

Brian Thomas was born in May 1958, in the US state of Massachusetts. But he spent most of his childhood and youth in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended a private Jesuit school and went on to study English Literature in Los Angeles. In 1986, his desire to work as a journalist abroad led him to Europe - and the Deutsche Welle. During the 1990s, he presented the "European Journal" on DW TV and reported from Bonn and Brussels. He returned to the US repeatedly, where he spent a number of years before finally moving to Germany fully and settling in Berlin, where DW-TV is based. Only as an adult did he realize that he actually has German ancestors. He studied his family history intensively and three years ago decided to take on German citizenship. As an active member of a dog club, a karate club and a carnival association, Brian Thomas soon got into life in Germany.

Despite the often hectic conditions working on live news bulletins, Brian retains a good sense of humor and a laid-back approach. He lives around 90 kilometres north of Berlin, where he has converted an old farmhouse. He loves to spend as much time there as possible, together with his girlfriend, baby son and dog.

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