Our guest on 13.06.2010 Susanne Fröhlich, Best-selling Author | guest list | DW | 23.07.2010
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guest list

Our guest on 13.06.2010 Susanne Fröhlich, Best-selling Author

Talking Germany host Peter Craven talks to Susanne Fröhlich about calories, kindergartens and her career.


A big mouth, a big ego and usually as jolly as her name would suggest - Fröhlich means happy in German - that sums up Susanne Fröhlich. The 47-year-old writer has made a name for herself in the self-help book sector. Her humorous way of helping people lose weight or bear the inevitable decline that comes with increasing age has struck a chord with a broad readership. Susanne Fröhlich began her professional life as a radio and television presenter. She has also written several novels. Readers love her for her witty and common-sense approach to modern neuroses.

Susanne Fröhlich's latest book deals with modern society's obsession with thinness and her own battle with the bulge. The popular author has once again landed a bestseller with this personal plea for resistance to damaging social norms. Susanne Fröhlich was born in Frankfurt in November 1962. She grew up as the eldest of three sisters. After dropping out of a university law course, she worked as an intern with the radio station Hessischer Rundfunk. Since 1984 she has hosted a wide range of radio and TV programs from dating shows to book programs.

She has been together for twenty years with the well-known presenter Gert Scobel. The couple has two children and lives in the Taunus region near to Germany's financial and commercial center Frankfurt.

The popular media celebrity has written seven works of fact and fiction. Two TV films have been based on her books. But Susanne Fröhlich does not just write. Like many Germans, she also loves reading.

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