Our beautiful planet | eco@africa | DW | 04.01.2017
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Our beautiful planet

If only... this winter has failed to yield snow in many parts of Europe, rendering views like this one picture postcard ideals of years past. But it's not over yet.

Last summer, the prognosis was for a long and bitterly cold European winter. Though many media outlets were boldly predicting four months of snow on parts of the continent, that's not quite how things have panned out so far. But the road to spring stretches a good way ahead, and in the meantime, those of us who enjoy a white landscape, can enjoy it in the form of images such as this one, taken in the western German Sauerland region a few days ago. Is there any snow where you are? You can send us your images using the upload tool on our page, or by emailing us at ecoafrica@dw.com