Opposites attract: Legendary pop duos | Music | DW | 21.06.2018
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Opposites attract: Legendary pop duos

While the latest collaborative work by the Carters — aka power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé — might have come as a surprise to some, pop music history has brought together way more unlikely musical pairs to sing hit duets.

Throughout pop music history, many memorable hits were duets. Some unexpected collaborations are particularly legendary, as the gallery above shows. 

DW's series Night Grooves also invited musicians who otherwise perhaps never would have worked together. Among the highlights of the series is this memorable performance by soul singer Anastacia and drag queen Conchita.

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World premiere: Anastacia and Conchita singing a duet!

DW also prepared the following Spotify list, featuring some of those unforgettable duets:


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