Opinion: Ivanka covers for Donald Trump at G20 meeting | Opinion | DW | 08.07.2017
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Opinion: Ivanka covers for Donald Trump at G20 meeting

Donald Trump has always been a big promoter of his daughter Ivanka. At the G20 summit in Hamburg she even got to play president for a while. DW's Bernd Riegert found that utterly unacceptable.

Although "bring your daughter to work" days are common in the United States and other G20 nations, it usually doesn't work like this. On Saturday, during a meeting of heads of states and governments, Ivanka Trump suddenly appeared, to fill in for her father, the US president, at the negotiating table. Donald Trump, it seemed, had better things to do. Though Ivanka has no official position, she's "just wonderful," in the words of her doting father. The president repeated that phrase over and over shortly after Ivanka stammered a few sentences at a World Bank podium discussion Saturday morning.

The discussion dealt with the topic of supporting women in business. Trump seems to have thought that he could start right then - by promoting Ivanka. Next time, perhaps German Chancellor Angela Merkel can simply send her husband, Joachim Sauer, to fill in for her. Who's to say that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's son wouldn't be a good negotiator? Granted, Hadrian is only 3 years old, but, like Ivanka, he would just have to sit there and keep quiet. Frantic diplomatic inquiries on protocol revealed that heads of states and governments can name anyone they choose to be their representatives at the G20.

The family, including Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner, have once again shown what they think of the rules of international politics: nothing. The president's older sons are busy increasing Daddy's wealth. His daughter is filling in at the G20. No doubt, second-rate potentates across the globe could learn a thing or two from the US president. 

The Trumps are making the United States unbearable. But the narcissistic clan takes it in stride. On Friday, for example, first lady Melania Trump popped in to pick up Donald for a concert while he was meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin - just one more obscure footnote to the whole tragicomedy.

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