Online despair after Super Tuesday | US presidential elections 2016: What do I need to know? | DW | 02.03.2016
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US elections 2016

Online despair after Super Tuesday

Despite a roaring #NeverTrump and #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain backlash, Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and Republican presidential candidate, carried Super Tuesday. Social media users weren't thrilled.

With Super Tuesday primary ballots still being counted early into the morning US time, it's only the day after that voters (and observers) can attempt to come to terms with the results.

Or not.

On social media, Donald Trump, who won seven of the 11 states at stake on Tuesday, domianted discussion.

While some rejoiced…

Many more took to Twitter in a state of despondency:

Such was the depth of that despair that a tweet from Toronto's mayor with instructions on immigrating to Canada was retweeted 30,000 times.

Carson and Kasich

Online, those disappointed with the results for Ted Cruz (won three states) and Marco Rubio (just one) aimed their frustrations at the two contenders below them, Ben Carson and John Kasich.

Here's television and radio personality Glenn Beck, who has publicly endorsed Ted Cruz:

Many others echoed Beck's sentiment:

The Alaska surprise

Prior to Super Tuesday, Donald Trump was expected to win Alaska by three to five percentage points. Ted Cruz's unexpected win in Alaska therefore drew praise from his fans…

…and visceral reactions from disbelieving Trump supporters:

Many Twitter users saw Trump's endorsement from Alaska politician Sarah Palin as not having paid off:

Chris Christie 'taken hostage'

And then there was New Jersey governor and former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, whose behavior in Florida during Donald Trump's press conference inspired derision across the web:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

On the Democratic side, Hillary took eight states to Bernie Sander's four. That led many to wonder if Bernie's days as a Democratic contender are numbered:

Others, however, still saw reason to hope for a Sanders nomination:

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