One Way Ticket | DocFilm | DW | 28.02.2021
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One Way Ticket

An American dream comes true for a Congolese family and their friend. After more than 20 years in an African refugee camp they start a new life in the United States. With courage and humor, they navigate the challenges of their new life.

Watch video 42:36

The first time in an airplane, the first time on an escalator ... these everyday situations are part of something much more for Jean-Pierre, his family, and his friend Isaiah. Their departure after 20 years living in a refugee camp is a moment of happiness, but also one of deep emotion. Because of the brutal civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the group had long ago given up hope of a better life. But eventually, they made their way via Uganda to the United States, thanks to a special UN refugee program. As they begin their new life, they are assisted by social workers specializing in integration. Their experiences reveal a lot about American society, like when a social worker praises sugary soft drinks in a supermarket, prompting Jean-Pierre to comment on how unhealthy the American diet is. "One Way Ticket" is a heart-warming documentary by Gregoire Gosset depicting brave and charismatic immigrants as they begin a new life.