On the road with entrepreneur Janina Mütze | Founders Valley | DW | 11.07.2018
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Founders Valley

On the road with entrepreneur Janina Mütze

Janina hosts the first episode of Season Two of Founders' Valley - DW's award-winning TV series. As the co-founder of a tech startup in Berlin, she is well-placed to explore Thailand’s startup ecosystem.

Janina co-founded Berlin-based tech firm Civey when she was 24. Her company, which conducts online polls, now employs nearly 50 people. The entrepreneur is passionate about data and new technologies. She joins the DW Founders' Valley team in Thailand – for the first episode of the second series. Janina will be looking at how Thai entrepreneurs are tackling data, privacy and social media in the country's startup ecosystem.

Janina has been running her startup since 2015. With Civey, she wanted to create a solution that would help her clients collect opinions. Today, most of her customers are from media and public policy. Running a startup leaves Janina little time for other activities, but she still makes time to give back to causes that matter to her. The entrepreneur supports other women in Germany where only 1 in 6 startup founders are female. 

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Janina Mütze: startup founder and female entrepreneur advocate 

Now Janina wants to take her experience elsewhere, with her trip to Thailand with Founders’ Valley. 

"With the knowledge I have on how we care about data in Europe [...] I'm very curious about seeing how that might differ from Asian countries," she says. 

The entrepreneur also hopes to get insight on the business models for data-related startups in Thailand. 

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