Ocean Viking rescue ship: Lifesavers at Sea | Reporter - On Location | DW | 14.03.2020

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Ocean Viking rescue ship: Lifesavers at Sea

On the rescue ship Ocean Viking, search and rescue coordinator Nick Romaniuk and his right-hand man Tanguy pick up 276 migrants in distress on the Mediterranean. Over three rescue missions they save the lives of people who have all but given up hope.

Watch video 12:36

It was a big challenge for the 32-member crew of the Ocean Viking to rescue migrants from the four-meter high waves and then care for their immediate needs. Every day they had to deal with illnesses, injuries and psychological problems, as well as performing more mundane tasks like doing laundry. When the ship, owned by aid organization SOS Méditerranée, was finally allowed to dock in Sicily the migrants and crew were put in quarantine for 14 days. The migrants could disembark, but the crew had to remain on board the ship. The Italian government says the measures were taken due to Coronavirus, but the activists on the Ocean Viking believe they were politically motivated -- to prevent the crew from undertaking any more rescue missions. A report by Miodrag Soric.