Nuremberg offers history, charm and Christmas magic | DW Travel | DW | 15.12.2010
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Nuremberg offers history, charm and Christmas magic

Around Christmastime, the Bavarian city of Nuremberg turns into a real metropolis: Two million tourists pour in to visit the Christkindlesmarkt, the local Christmas market. But it also offers many other attractions.

The Christmas market in Nuremberg

Nuremberg's Christmas market has something for young and old alike

In the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was one of Europe's most important cities - a major trade hub where art and craftsmanship flourished. Today, its imperial castle, mighty city walls and magnificent facades serve as a reminder of this glorious past.

Focusing on German art and culture, the Germanic National Museum provides an overview of the city's inventive spirit. For example, it shows the very first pocket watch and the first globe, both crafted in Nuremberg around 1500.

The Christkindlesmarkt can be found in the main square of the old town. As one of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany, its visitors will be spoiled for choice when it comes to food, entertainment and last-minute gift ideas.

Click on the video below to see magician Rene Zander giving a tour of his favorite spots in Nuremberg: the St. Johannis cemetery, the Museum for Industrial Culture and the laundromat "Trommelwirbel."

Text: DW-TV
Editor: Eva Wutke, Kate Bowen

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