Night Grooves with Aura Dione and Giovanni Zarrella | Night Grooves | DW | 20.12.2019
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Night Grooves

Night Grooves with Aura Dione and Giovanni Zarrella

Giovanni Zarrella, an ethnic Italian from southern Germany, sings German pop songs in Italian: "Ohne Dich" by Münchener Freiheit becomes "Senza te", and "Wahnsinn" by Wolfgang Petry becomes "Dammi".

Watch video 42:35

On Night Grooves, former Bro’Sis singer Giovanni Zarrella gives a sample of his songs and reveals what inspires his music. He meets Aura Dione of Copenhagen. The singer-songwriter got her career off to a brilliant start with her albums "Columbine” (2009) and "Before the Dinosaurs” (2011). Her songs "I Will Love You Monday” and "Geronimo” charmed the international charts side by side. This edition of Night Grooves welcomes Aura Dione, performing some of her hits and presenting "Sunshine”, another piece with hit-potential. Once again, it’s all coming to you from Haus Schminke in Löbau, Saxony, the house designed by Hans Scharoun in the 1930s.