′New wolf pack′ detained over rape in Spain′s Gran Canaria, reports | News | DW | 27.06.2018
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'New wolf pack' detained over rape in Spain's Gran Canaria, reports

A group of men has been taken into custody for reportedly raping a girl at a beach on Gran Canaria, Spanish media reported. The men called themselves "the new wolf pack," evoking the name used earlier by another gang.

Spanish police detained four men and one minor on suspicion of drugging and raping an underage girl in Gran Canaria, local media reported on Wednesday.

At least one of the suspects recorded the event on his mobile phone, according to Spain's El Diario. While in detention, the group apparently dubbed themselves "the new wolf pack," linking their actions to the Pamplona sex gang whose members were released on bail last Friday.

The Pamplona perpetrators became known as "the wolf pack" because of the name they used for their WhatsApp chat group. In a trial that caused protests across Spain, the group of five was convicted of sexual abuse committed against an 18-year-old girl from Madrid at the bull-running festival in Pamplona in 2016. They also recorded the event. However, the court acquitted them on the charge of rape and released them until appeals against their sentences have been heard.

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Protests erupt after 'wolf pack' sex gang acquitted of rape

Following the Gran Canaria attack, observers in Spain linked the latest incident with the lenient treatment of the "wolf pack" and their release, according to the daily El Pais.

'Do not remain quiet'

Also on Wednesday, the victim of the Pamplona incident gave her first statement to the public, which was read out on the Spanish Telecinco channel. In the text, the girl urged other victims to speak up.

"Do it however you want, tell your story. Do not remain quiet," she said in the statement read out by a presenter. "Do not remain quiet. Because if you do so, you are letting them win."

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She also called on all "women, men, girls and boys" to always report and sexual abuse. "No one should have to regret having a drink or talking to people at a party. Or walking home alone or wearing a short skirt."

The girl also thanked the people who protested against the gang and expressed their outrage in public.

"I wanted to give thanks to all of the people, who, without knowing me, took to the streets of Spain and gave me a voice when many were trying to take it away from me. Thank you for not leaving me alone," she wrote.

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