New TV program with popular Egyptian journalist Yosri Fouda | Press Releases | DW | 01.08.2016
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Press Releases

New TV program with popular Egyptian journalist Yosri Fouda

Nearly two years after Yosri Fouda, one of the most renowned journalists in the Arab world, had to cancel his show on Egyptian TV, DW enables the investigative journalist to once again address his viewers in the region.

DW Director General Peter Limbourg: "I'm very happy about the fact that such an esteemed journalist as Yosri Fouda has chosen DW for his comeback. It shows that DW has become a strong voice in the region with our Arabic channel."

Fouda's weekly DW program "The Fifth Estate" aims to give viewers in the Arab world the chance to express themselves to a wider audience as freedom of expression deteriorates in their own countries.

Fouda will lead his audience through the week's events with a mixture of news analysis as well as investigative reporting and in-depth interviews. User-generated content and social media elements will also play an important part.

"I'm pleased to reconnect with my viewers and readers, and it gives me confidence that this comeback will be on DW," Fouda said. "With the extreme polarisation, the heavy crackdown on any professional journalistic practice and the complete confiscation of the public sphere, the media scene in the entire Arab world is crying out for some air. I'm sure that DW is one of the few outlets in the world now which are still capable of making a worthwhile contribution," Fouda added.

Head of DW's Arabic service Naser Schruf: "With Yosri Fouda we have a journalist in our ranks whose courage and straightforwardness have been a model for an entire generation of media icons in the Arab world." Schruf added that "Yosri enjoys the trust of millions and is exactly the right journalist to bring to fruition the core idea of our format: users and viewers playing the main role, becoming directly involved in the creation of our content. We are setting an example for freedom of opinion and direct participation."

In addition to his weekly TV program, Fouda will also be commenting on the situation in the Arab world on DW's Arabic website His first article will be published on Saturday, June 25.

Yosri Fouda started his career in 1994 as a reporter with the BBC, covering conflicts in Bosnia, Africa and the Middle East before joining al-Jazeera as its London bureau chief, where he introduced investigative journalism to Arab viewers through his popular show "Top Secret." He then joined the Egyptian independent channel ONTV to front its primetime show "Last Word," which gained him the reputation as "the voice of the revolution." Fouda has contributed to many leading newspapers, including The Sunday Times and The Guardian, and he has authored/co-authored seven books including the bestsellers "In Harm's Way" and "Masterminds of Terror."