New program speaks to a broader, more diverse audience in the Arab world | Business & Sales | DW | 13.08.2019
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Business & Sales

New program speaks to a broader, more diverse audience in the Arab world

With Jaafartalk, DW’s Jaafar Abdul-Karim is speaking to an even broader audience while highlighting and confronting the different opinions in the Arab world.

The new talk show is seen as the next logical step following the award-winning Shababtalk, which gave young people a platform to talk about issues that break taboos and open minds.

“After eight successful years, we came to the conclusion that the social landscape had changed in the Arab world and it was time to reach out to a more inclusive audience and thereby create an even more intense, diverse discussion,” said Abdul Karim. “THE Arab world doesn’t exist. There are so many facets and nuances to beliefs and opinions throughout the region that it’s even more important now to facilitate a dialogue with opposing sides. With Jaafartalk, we want to offer a platform that will ensure diverse discussion in a region that is experiencing societal change on a massive scale.” 

Jaafartalk is an interactive talk show that reflects the diversity of the Arab world. Host Abdul Karim will invite guests who represent the different opinions in the region for a fair and lively discussion, but accompanied by research, facts and figures that help present the big picture. The audiences in the Arab world expect more participation and contact with the media, and they will also play a prominent role on Jaafartalk, as they are asked to contribute their thoughts, opinions and input about the issues. But Abdul Karim and his team won’t just be confined to the studio – they will also be going to urban areas to talk to people about some of the most controversial topics. 

Jaafartalk was officially launched at the end of July, since then, the show’s new Instagram page has gained thousands of new followers and fans and the Facebook page continues to grow.

Abdul Karim was born in Liberia, raised in Lebanon and Switzerland, studied in France, Germany and England, and now lives in Berlin. Shababtalk was awarded by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) as “Best Arabic Talk Show” for three years in a row and received the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award as well as the Al Haitham Arab Media Award. Abdul Karim was named Germany's Reporter of the Year by Medium magazine in 2016. His book “Friend or Foe” was published in German in 2018 and shed light on the younger generation in the Arab world. 

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