New Module heralded as DRM breakthrough | Mission Europe | DW | 12.08.2005
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Mission Europe

New Module heralded as DRM breakthrough

A new module for multistandard, digital radio receivers promises to bring DRM reception within easy reach for price-conscious consumers.


RadioScape's new RS500 module

"This is the breakthrough DRM has been waiting for" says Peter Senger, Deutsche Welle's technical director and chair of the DRM Consortium.

He was referring to the new RS500 module manufactured by the UK-based company RadioScape, which can receive DRM as well as DAB, FM with RDS, LW, MW, and SW. The company says receivers based on this module could have end user prices below $250 dollars, almost a quarter of the current market price.

Peter Senger - DRM Logo

Peter Senger (right) and Andrew Moloney, marketing manager at RadioScape were guests on Deutsche Welle radio's Update Europe on Friday 3rd June.

Update Europe, a three hour music-and-chat lunchtime programme, was launched by Deutsche Welle on November 1st 2004 for a pan-European audience and specially conceived for the new DRM digital shortwave technology.

Click below to hear Update Europe's Marianne Yahilevich talking Peter Senger and Andrew Moloney.

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