NEW: Flash Insights | Business & Sales | DW | 05.10.2016
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Business & Sales

NEW: Flash Insights

Flash Insights are customized for mobile devices and social media. Intuitive text boxes combined with precise info graphics and exciting images provide insights into stories from all over the world.

Flash Insights are the perfect blend of information and entertainment for the small screen. Ideal for smartphones or tablets, intuitive text boxes combined with precise infographics and exciting images offer a user experience that gets to the heart of the story in no time at all.

Whether you’re on the move or just checking in, Flash Insights convey information without narration, meaning they also function well in places where sound is not an option or cannot be heard.

The clips provide insights into stories from all over the world, on issues that concern us all. The brevity and accessibility of the videos make them optimally suited to social media integration.



India’s Turtle Village

India – Food for the Dump

Uganda – The News as Rap Music

North Korea – Story of an Escape

Mumbai Moves to Protect its Flamingos

Ethiopia’s Spice Girls

Soldiers versus Poachers – Animal Protection in Nepal

Madagascar’s Lemurs

Kenya – Studying in a Refugee Camp

Ghana Fights Piracy in the Textile Industry

Laos – Soap Opera Fights Malnutrition

South Africa – Endgame for the African Penguin


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