Netherlands probes ′terrorist motive′ in Utrecht shooting | News | DW | 01.07.2019
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Netherlands probes 'terrorist motive' in Utrecht shooting

The suspect has confessed to opening fire and killing four people on a tram in the Dutch city. Prosecutors have revealed the contents of a letter written by the suspect in which he admits to "doing this for my religion."

Dutch prosecutors on Monday said they are investigating a "terrorist motive" in a deadly tram shooting in Utrecht.

The main suspect, Gokmen T., confessed to the shooting on Monday, saying: "I am not a suspect, I pleaded guilty to the crime."

Gokmen is suspected of boarding a tram and opening fire on passengers in March, killing four people and wounding two others. He was arrested shortly after the shooting.

Prosecutors said they discovered a handwritten letter in an alleged getaway vehicle near the scene of the crime.

"I'm doing this for my religion, you kill Muslims and you want to take our religion away from us, but you won't succeed. God is great," the Dutch-language letter said.

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Counter-terrorism police in Utrecht during an operation

The suspect was arrested only a couple hours after the attack

'Difficult person'

Authorities have been on high alert since a series of terrorist attacks targeted European capitals across the EU, including Paris, Brussels and Berlin. Several of them were claimed by the "Islamic State" militant group.

Dutch prosecutors said that while the main suspect was a "difficult person" given his criminal past, they had yet to uncover clues to indicate he had previously considered a "terrible deed such as the one he is now suspected of."

Gokmen is due back in court later this month in a separate case stemming from rape charges. The Utrecht shooting trial is scheduled to start next year.

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