Nepal: Dr. Ruit helps the blind see | Reporter - On Location | DW | 08.02.2020
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Nepal: Dr. Ruit helps the blind see

In Nepal, ophthalmologist Sanduk Ruit has developed a method for treating cataracts, an eye disease that leads to blindness. The operation is quick and inexpensive, so that even the poorest can afford it. It's set an example for the world.

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Sanduk Ruit himself came from a poor family and from an early age, he was firmly resolved to make sure the gift of sight would not depend on a patient's means. He spent years researching and refining a new method of treatment, and developed an artificial lens that is far more affordable than previous ones. In addition, his operating method is much quicker and more effective. Now, even cataract patients of minimal income have an opportunity to regain their eyesight. Sanduk Ruit regularly sets off for Nepal's remote corners to offer the operation to poor rural patients entirely free of charge. Dennis and Patrick Weinert joined him on his travels.