NATO at 70: ′Brain dead′ or fighting fit? | To the Point | DW | 05.12.2019
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To the Point

NATO at 70: 'Brain dead' or fighting fit?

The NATO summit in London was supposed to celebrate 70 years of peace. Instead, it revealed many fundamental differences between partners. Our guests: Malte Lehming (Der Tagesspiegel), Emmanuelle Chaze (DW), Vladimir Esipov (DW).

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Emmanuelle Chaze, DW. she’s a French-born reporter and commentator. She says: "Gloves off: Macron's "brain dead" comments on NATO put diplomacy at risk."




Vladimir Esipov from the Russian desk at DW. He believes that: "NATO is the perfect enemy for Russia. If NATO didn’t exist, then, for domestic purposes, the Kremlin would have to invent it.”


Malte Lehming. He’s an author and senior editor at the Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel and he argues that: "Nato is still the strongest military alliance in the world. The infighting at the London summit shows just how complex many security challenges have become.”