Myanmar: Professionalizing journalism training | Asia | DW | 24.07.2012
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Myanmar: Professionalizing journalism training

The first training center for media professionals has been inaugurated in Yangon. DW Akademie is an important partner of the Myanmar Media Development Center.

The first training center for TV journalists in Myanmar has been opened with a festive ceremony. It is part of the state-owned broadcaster MRTV-4 and operated by the Forever Group. Their CEO, Win Maw, said in his inaugural speech in the presence of the Union Minister for Information and Culture, U Kyaw Hsan: "The Myanmar Media Development Center wants to become the leading facility for journalism training and electronic media not only in Myanmar but also to achieve an outstanding position throughout Southeast Asia. In that endeavor we rely on cooperation with proven partners such as DW Akademie."

The first ten-month course for about 30 media professionals is to start in July. DW Akademie initiated the project jointly with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting and Development.

07_2012 DW Akademie Eröffnung MMDC, Myanmar, Eberhard Sucker Eröffnung des Myanmar Media Development Centre in Rangun. Das Ausbildungszentrum für Journalisten wurde unter anderem von der DW Akademie mit aufgebaut. Eberhard Sucker hat die DW Akademie bei der Eröffnungszeremonie vertreten. Er wird die Projekte in Myanmar in Zukunft vor Ort betreuen.

Eberhard Sucker, DW Akademie, at the opening ceremony

"Our aim is to further professionalize the training of journalists in Yangon," said Eberhard Sucker. A project manager with DW Akademie for many years, Sucker will move to Yangon in a few weeks to represent DW Akademie there and to guide projects on location.

Preparations for the Media Development Center (MMDC) took three years. Early this year DW Akademie got things rolling with preliminary training for prospective TV journalists, followed by training for advanced trainees and a train-the-trainer workshop. The 15 participants of the workshop will teach in the new center.

In the first step the trainers of the MRTV broadcaster are to be qualified for their work at the MMDC. Sucker says that in the future, training is also to be offered for other media, such as radio, online and print. "Myanmar's political direction makes us very optimistic. If development towards an open, democratic society continues, the country offers great opportunities. Free media play an essential role in that process."

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