My human rights in the digital Age: A World Café conversation on privacy and freedom of expression | Program | DW | 07.04.2015
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My human rights in the digital Age: A World Café conversation on privacy and freedom of expression

Hosted by Amnesty International
Monday, June 22 / Pumpenhaus

Human rights are affected by the digital revolution in various ways. While access to modern information and communications technology has yielded new opportunities for individuals to exercise their rights, it has also given rise to new ways for governments to effectively prevent, obstruct or control these activities.

As revealed by Edward Snowden, people’s right to privacy is being violated on a massive scale through global and national mass surveillance. In addition, many countries use targeted surveillance to intimidate
political opponents and human rights activists. Unlawful surveillance is not only a violation of the right to privacy, but also has a “chilling effect” on freedom of expression.

At the same time, the Internet has become a global marketplace for ideas. As a communication medium and important source of information, it fosters freedom of speech and freedom of information – two aspects of the human right to freedom of expression. This in turn has led to governments restricting freedom of expression online through access blocking, filtering systems and other forms of online censorship.

Applying the “World Café” method of conversation, this session will take a closer look at human rights that are particularly affected in the digital age. Following an introductive keynote address illustrating the impact of digital technologies on human rights, participants will gather in small, moderated groups. They will share their experiences, thereby providing an insight into (journalists’) working conditions in the digital age. These findings will help to subsequently evaluate the global state of digital human rights, its shortcomings as well as chances and potential solutions. All session guests are invited to participate.

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