My Hong Kong | Close up - The Current Affairs Documentary | DW | 21.10.2019
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Close up

My Hong Kong

Hongkong is in turmoil. For months now thousands of people have been taking to the streets to protest against the increasing influence of China. Demonstrators and police have clashed repeatedly.

Watch video 28:36

In this video diary five eye witnesses give their account of the protests over the last few months. The bloggers filmed the majority of the video footage themselves, chronicling the unrest in the semi-autonomous territory in an unusual and arrestingly direct fashion. In February 2019 the Hong Kong government announced draft legislation that would have allowed the extradition of its residents to mainland China. Critics feared it would open the backdoor to Beijing. Hong Kong may be part of China, but it enjoys special rights like freedom of speech and assembly under the one country, two systems policy. These proposed changes to the extradition laws sparked an ongoing wave of protests, which have repeatedly turned violent. After demonstrators stormed the Hong Kong’s legislature and the escalation of protests at Hong Kong airport, chief executive Carrie Lam announced in early September that she was scrapping the controversial extradition bill. But, by then, the protests had already become about far more than that. The demonstrators had started calling for free elections and an independent Hong Kong. On October 4, Lam invoked emergency powers in a bid to impose a ban on wearing masks, sparking further unrest. An end of the conflict is still not in sight. The video diary ‘My Hong Kong’ contains five very personal accounts of the turbulent events in Hong Kong over the last few months. The eye witnesses describe their fears of a Chinese takeover and the mood in a city state in turmoil.