Munich Welcomes the World | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 17.09.2004
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Munich Welcomes the World


A hard-working Oktoberfest waitress carries three liters of beer in each hand

The 171st Oktoberfest kicks off in Munich, when Mayor Christian Ude ceremonially taps the first barrel of Wies'n beer in the Schottenhammel tent.

About 6 million thirsty and party-spirited tourists from Germany and all parts of the world are expected to gather again for the world’s biggest beer bash. In just 16 days, visitors guzzle around 5 million liters (1.32 million gallons) of amber brew and consume over 200,000 German pork sausage links. This year, visitors will have to pay a record €7 ($8.50) for a Mass (a liter glass filled with beer).

In light of this event, DW-WORLD has put together a list of interesting articles on previous Oktoberfests, German beer culture, and the city where it all unfolds -- Munich.

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