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Munich: Bavarian Beer Festival

July 22, 2016

From July 22-24, Munich is hosting a festival in honor of 500 years of the Purity Law, where breweries from around Bavaria are presenting their beers.

Deutschland, Eine Maß Bier
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Kneffel

While the official anniversary of Germany Beer Purity Law was observed in April, celebrations of the beverage are taking place all year.

The Bavarian brewing industry is set to celebrate the anniversary with a huge beer festival: the big birthday party will be held in Munich July 22-24 2016 for locals and guests from all over the world.

Some 100 Bavarian breweries will be presenting their best beers in the area of the Feldherrnhalle and Odeonsplatz. For three days, thousands of visitors can enjoy the beer diversity of Bavaria at the beer benches between white pagodas and high-class tents.

The industry will be presenting the unique diversity of Bavarian beers and invite everyone to taste them. Culinary specialities from all over Bavaria will be on offer. It goes without saying that a real festival has to offer music and entertainment - there will be three stages in the heart of the Bavarian capital.

Visitors to the big anniversary party can find out the answer to this sip by sip - from brewery to brewery with a special 0.3-litre festival glass.