Multimedia project ″Education for All″ | Latest news | DW | 08.05.2012
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Latest news

Multimedia project "Education for All"

Deutsche Welle launched its multimedia project "Education for All" on Monday, May 7. In focus are five bloggers from Argentina, Germany, Iraq, Kenya and Russia who discuss the EFA goals in their countries.

Bildung für alle: Grafik für Picture-Teaser zum Blog

Bildung für alle: Grafik für Picture-Teaser zum Blog

At the World Education Forum (Dakar, 2000), 164 countries agreed to work toward six goals by the year 2015, which included significant improvement in levels of adult literacy, especially for women and achieving gender equality in education.

DW's multimedia project examines from different perspectives how far the world has come in achieving the goals, where progress still needs to be made and which countries actively support or impede educational development. Both in German and in English, five young bloggers from Argentina, Germany, Iraq, Kenya and Russia write about their paths through the educational system and share their experiences of education and equal opportunities in their home countries. For two months, they will discuss issues in dialogue with one another like whether people in the industrial world profit more from better educational opportunities than those from developing nations.

The primarily Internet-based project is supplemented with reports by DW correspondents around the world, including videos that document exemplary educational projects. Further, DW journalists offer an overview of the worldwide education situation by looking at global educational funding and comparing how far countries from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe have come in achieving the goals set in 2000 by the UNESCO declaration.

All five bloggers have confirmed their participation in the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum from June 25 to 27, which will take place in the World Conference Center Bonn under the motto "Culture. Education. Media - Shaping a sustainable world." DW expects to welcome around 1,500 participants from all over the world to the conference.

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