Mozart, Solar Energy, Smoking and a Palace | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 22.01.2006
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Mozart, Solar Energy, Smoking and a Palace

Is Mozart the world's greatest composer? These and other questions were discussed by DW-WORLD readers in recent days. Read some of the comments and have your own say.


Mozart chocolate is selling well as the composer's 250th birthday is approaching

The followi n g comme n ts reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comme n ts have bee n published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for le n gth a n d appropriate n ess of co n te n t.

Is Mozart the greatest composer?

Mozart is certainly one, if not the biggest, of the world's composers of all time. But my best is Beethoven! -- Rev. Fr. Stephe n Wara, Cameroo n

Mozart is the biggest composer. -- Ga n esh Cha n dra Ku n du, I n dia

Mozart is one of my most favorite composers. If I were stranded on a desert island, his music would have to be there with me, along with Bach and Beethoven. I love Mozart's music because of its extraordinary beauty and poetry, especially in his sublime vocal music; nothing in this world is quite so heavenly! -- F. He n derso n , US

I cannot think of anyone in particular deserving this accolade. If, for a second, Mozart is my favorite, then I feel I shortchange Bach or Beethoven or Wagner, who, were geniuses in their own right too, just like Mozart. I think these magical people, including all the great opera composers (Puccini, Verdi, etc) were gifts to humanity to enjoy forever. -- vkmi n d, Australia

Mozart is the greatest composer that ever lived. He did not only made an impact to the world in his generation but also in the minds and heart of those yet to be born through his gifted talent. -- euero

Solar E n ergy

BdT - Winterbild

Will the sun one day become the world's primary energy provider?

Solar energy will become more and more popular, not only because we are using up the planet's fossil fuel resources, but also because more and more people realize that sustainability is the way to go - less pollution, cleaner energy etc. I am making use of solar energy in my every day life. He n n ie Co n radie , South Africa

I am sure Germany is on the right track as far as renewable energy is concerned. I agree with German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel. His statement of "reducing dependence from energy imports by investing more in renewable energy" makes sense. In my opinion Germany can expect huge benefits by building export markets in solar energy similar to the auto industry. -- Siegfried Beckedorf, Ca n ada

It would seem that it is too costly to produce solar power now. Sine the fossil fuels are causing the green house effect and can cause natural disasters like hurricane Katrina from global warming and many lives can be lost, in the long run developing solar energy may end up being economical. I am for solar power. -- surym_p

I think that Germany's commitment to using solar power (and other environmentally friendly energy sources) is a wonderful example to the rest of the world on what can (and should) be done to ensure the stability of our global future. Solar power should definitely enjoy increasing popularity as oil prices soar, and nuclear power sources dwindle in the coming years. It is encouraging to see that there are some countries that are willing to implement these measures and put them in to practice. If more countries took the same stance, together we could create a sustainable future. ls-tri n ity, Australia

Wa n n see Exhibitio n

Neue Ausstellung im Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz

The room where Nazi leaders decided the murder of millions of Jews now houses part ot the exhibition

I believe the Exhibition is an extremely important step forward. Disinterest and denial are the common reaction to questions about everyday life and attitudes during the Hitler era. In the international context, in light of Iran's recent announcement to hold a Holocaust Conference, the presence of justified historical documents for public study is reassuring. -- Gretche n Trupia n o , US

Smoki n g i n Germa n y

My husband and I frequently travel to Germany for a cycling holiday. Germany must extend their by-laws to ban smoking. First, they must remove the cigarette machines and stop people from smoking in public places. Every time we go for dinner, someone is smoking at the next table. We cannot enjoy our dinner. We really like traveling in Germany, the people are friendly but unfortunately smoke too much. Toronto has banned smoking in public places. This does not allow people to smoke just anywhere. They can only smoke in their own homes. I have allergies and cannot be around smokers. I would develop bronchitis and continue to become very ill. I really think that Germany should start an immediate smoking ban and not leave it until 2008. I work for the ministry of health and our health minister is a non-smoker. Our ministry has set up a campaign helping people to stop smoking. Perhaps Germany's health minister could do the same. -- Joa n n e Walsh , Ca n ada

BdT Spanien Schluß mit Rauchen

Still a rare sight in Germany

No-one questions everybody's rights to clean water, so why do they defend smokers who poison the clean air to which everybody is also entitled? Clean water, clean air -- everybody's basic rights. Smokers may have the right to use a legally available product but not where it affects other people. -- The No n -Smokers' Moveme n t of Australia

Demolishi n g the "Palace of the Republic"

It is said that those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes. By erasing as many reminders as possible of the old GDR, it is also making it possible for people to forget the mistakes of the past. Sure it is an eyesore in opinion of the Former West Germans, but it is also a reminder of the real history of East Germans. Destroying it is discounting the value of the East Germans. Leaving it and building around it could have shown the failure of the system. -- Joe Pritchard , US

Palast der Republik soll abgerissen werden

Soon to disappear from Berlin's city center

It will be a great shame to see the Palace of the Republic torn down. It was an amazing and unique building and an example of the architectural style of its time. It deserves respect and restoration. The fact that it is out of fashion does not justify its destruction. Its demolition is part of the political process to obliterate all remnants of East Germany. -- Stephe n D., Australia

The Taliban also blew up some monumental structures and the world cried out about this cultural crime. And should Bavarian King Ludwig's castles, which were perceived once as projects of exploitation, then also be demolished to satisfy a highly volatile and perhaps corrupted politico-commercial endeavor? After all, they became Germany's most profitable investment ever, so therefore relax and keep some historical monuments where they are and let them make their statement -- agmco n trols

What a shame to tear it down. I visited it via a website and it is of a distinct time and place --ridiculed today, but in another 25 or 50 years, it would be considered a gem. The whole concept of the building is remarkable. The poor East Germans -- another attempt to erase their lives from the history of Germany. -- ly

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  • Date 22.01.2006
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